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Finding your inner self with UniquelySerendipity Artistic designs - the world is yours in wood....

Welcome to a new and unique experience in the possibilities

of how wood can be transformed and sculpted into a stunning form of design in imagination and art - transforming a block of non-discrete aged wood into a classic and endless shape. Come with us and explore your inner art and craft skills with Scott and his incredible ability in finding the essence of sculpting a beautiful fish from a timber that most would bypass and not give a second glance! A little slice of what will be evolving over time with our artistic and unique family of accomplished and very talented art and craft artistic dreamers! Specializing in the areas of bringing the best out of a scrap piece of wood, a bit of clay or an empty canvas.. Come into our world of imagination and intrigue and find one's senses yearning for more that nature has to offer!!

Scott sees a beautiful Tennessee Cedar heart jewelry box with the eye of an eagle when

he looks at a non-descript board - his eye selects from the full length - that most minute section that has the character that brings out the vibrant and brilliant grain - the contrast in the bright red and blonde patterns and then shapes these slices of vision into a true gift for that someone that says - I Love You! (our page 2 - our site)

Our family of artistic creators - will be showcasing their love of art and it's beauty in the near future - that will be stunning in design and will twist one's thoughts into an array of dreams

and imagination.. Come with us as we invite 'you' into our family of artistic creation!!

#woodcraft #wood working #unique #artistic #live art #nature's best

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