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Personalize This SweetHeart Box

If you are interested in personalizing a sweetheart box, this is the one for you. This Douglas Fir box is a special gift that you would be proud to display on your chest of drawers or a bathroom vanity. We would be very proud to place a personalized message , name  or a design or drawing to show your special someone how much you love and care for him or her.  Our pricing includes the first five words or a small (2" or less) design or drawing.  Feel free to request more information through our blog, text, or call 706-206-0962. We will be very happy to assist you in making this upcoming Valentine's Day - the best ever for your special someone!!

Our pricing includes :
Free Shipping, first five words or a 2" design or drawing.  Please, blog for any additional information
    taxes are not included
IMG_1514.JPG-1 (2).jpg
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If you wish to personalize our beautifully designed sweet heart box by our on master craftsman - Scott - Please, blog, text or call 706-206-0962.

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We have six Sweetheart boxes available. Each box has it's distinctive grain and natural color - We never take away from the natural color by stain.

Our Valentine Collection

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