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'Forever Yours' plaques and more! 

Pick your Plaque Size and wood type -Tennessee Cedar or Douglas Fir - and let our amazing graphic artist place your special one's phrase and/ or name on our 'Forever Yours'  Plaque  Collection and watch as your Sweetheart melts! 
 Free Shipping for all our beautiful plaques!
                  Size: L x W       DF*:         TC*:
Large       23" x 5"            $29.95    $34.95
Standard 12" x3 1/2         $19.95    $24.95
Medium   9 3/4 x 3 1/2    $17.95    $22.95
Small        8 3/4 x 2 3/4   $15.95    $19.95
Legacy     8 3/4 x 4 3/4   $19.95   $24.95
All our plaque designs are 1/2" deep

* Denotes: Douglas Fir or Tennessee Cedar

*appropriate state taxes are not included 

Dream and find that perfect
phrase, saying or expression
which your special someone will understand and know that there is someone out there who LOVE'S them!! What better way can one express LOVE than through a beautiful personalized wall

Five Sizes to Choose From: Let us know the wood type! Haley -Our excellent graphic artist will do the rest!!

Plaques five.jpeg
Large Plaque TC
Standard TC

Medium TC

Small TC

Legacy DF

Note: Above show four Tennessee Cedar plaque blanks on left and the Legacy Douglas Fir blank on the lower right. Send us your desired image and wording and our graphic artist will do the rest!

Legacy Plaque

  Douglas Fir


Standard Plaque

   Douglas Fir

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