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A Special Mini Keepsake Heart Just for You! 

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This is a treasure box made of selected Tennessee aromatic Cedar, beautifully shaped into an elegant heart shape. The wood grain flows and swirls as though it is beating for you.  This would make a very special gift for that perfect lady or couple. Hand crafted in the finest of aged wood and designed to bring out the beauty of the wood grain. Wood grains will vary with each piece as each is handmade and initialed by the artisan. The lower point of the heart box may point left or right depending on the grain of the cedar wood. This jewelry box is a "Must Have" for that very special lady. This heart shaped jewelry box can be purchased in Tennessee Cedar, Douglas Fir, or even engraved with one's initials for that special someone (Fir only). Perfect gift for a wedding, Christmas, Valentine's or anniversary, Mother's Day or that perfect birthday. This heart keepsake box is approximately three quarters the size of the large Tennessee Cedar Heart box shown on page two.

This mini keepsake heart box is a treasure that very few will ever touch or even see... 
 This keepsake treasure is made from the finest of specially selected deep rose and blond interwoven Tennessee Cedar wood and would be the perfect gift for that special someone.
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5 1/2 L x 5 1/2W x 2 3/8 D

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Love is yours when she sees your heart

Only Three of these Mini Hearts - Available

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