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'Forever and Always Yours' Engagement Ring Heart! 

Ring Heart - Closed marble.jpg
Our 'Forever and Always Yours' Engagement Heart dimensions are: 5 3/4"
wide by 5"long and 1 1/2"deep.
She'll love your proposal when your engagement ring comes from within this gorgeous Solid Black Walnut heart! This luxurious and elegant 'Forever and Always Yours' Engagement Ring Heart is made of the finest of Wild Black Cherry and Black Walnut grain wood.. Our master craftsman seasons all his specialty woods to bring out the 'essence of natural beauty' in the selected wood and then only selects the most unique part of that board.  Witness his vision from the surrounding photos.
Ring Heart open W Back.jpeg

Solid Black Walnut Heart with the under lid with Solid Wild Black Cherry

Free Shopping and

yours at  $89.00

plus any applicable


Ring Heart - OpenTC.jpeg

Our Elegant and Discerning Collection and Specialty Line of Hearts Will be Forever Yours  with is Gorgeous Wild Black Cherry over Black Walnut Heart Box! She'll never forget your moment when presenting this special heart to 'Yours Forever' Love...  

heart ring - closed marble2.jpg

Our master Craftsman says this will be the only one made!!

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