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Our Valentine Collection

Our very popular Douglas Fir keepsake treasure box features a double rose design that women love. Caring for that special someone is a precious gift that few will ever know or understand!!   
Cherished Love is forever and this gorgeous double rose heart keepsake box would be that perfect gift for that special someone in your life!  

Personalize for that special someone in you life!

  Always and Forever Yours over Two Roses
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$49.95 with Free Shipping
Any applicable tax not include.

What a gorgeous double  rose design sculpted within an absolutely charming Douglas Fir heart shaped jewelry box! The box that will say to your special someone "you're mine and will be forever!"

One can never go wrong by showing their Love through our 'Roses forever' keepsake jewelry box.

Size:7 1/4L x 7 3/8W x 2 3/4H
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