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About our Master Artisan and Craftsman:
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The steps of Scott's critical eye that he takes in his woodcraft designs - beginning to finished design for the appreciative and approving particular taste.

Background: Scott Burbank began his life in the up mountains of Alaska.. Over his early life he became one with mother nature in the beautiful surroundings of what nature has to offer.  Alaska's Eklutna valley/lake outdoors - brought the appreciation and respect of the flora and woodlands that surrounded his life.  His Native Indian family gave Scott a deep Indian heritage - one with earth and nature linking his spirit to a love of all  nature. This gave Scott the knowledge to enhance and bring out the beauty within the natural wood that he selects in order to produce his artistic wood craftsmanship and designs.  Scott's deepest thoughts in creating wood designs is to highlight nature's palette of natural color, and to enhance nature's design that is etched within each piece of wood he chooses. He does not destroy the beauty within the grain by staining or detracting from nature's enhanced beauty.


The steps in Scott's artistic eye when creating a masterfully designed keepsake wooden box or item: 

Scott looks at a block of wood as Michelangelo would look at marble..

1. The selection of that specific or particular wood: Scott will go through or bypass many board foot and types of wood (and/or logs) when selecting that perfect artistic piece.  The wood selection must contain a deeply rich color, must have that very unique and interesting grain pattern and most of all have the depth - in order to pique his artistic interest.

2. Scott wishes to work only with particular wood types, whether hard or soft wood.   He not only looks at the grain pattern and color but also looks at the texture of bark - to see if he may incorporate all of the particular wood's natural enhanced beauty.  The wood types that he most appreciates are: Western and Tennessee Aromatic Cedar, Black Walnut, Black Mulberry, Douglas Fir, Poplar, and Pecan.

3. Once Scott has selected that very unique and unusual wood , his critical eye starts with finding the particular grain and color that will bring out the most powerful natural mark of quality and uniqueness. He goes to work sculpting that perfect box or item as if he saw the mental design completely finished and sitting on your nightstand or vanity.  Scott has the same approach to woodworking as Michelangelo would to marble - visualizing the finished item within that specific wood or log.  

4. Once the wood has been selected - Scott's skilled history of wood craftsmanship begins.  If Scott's mental thoughts are a beautiful keepsake box - then he looks for the perfect grain pattern to enhance the elegance and intrinsic natural design which will bring out depth of nature's color and the wood grain's richness in pattern.  He makes sure that these two main thoughts are masterfully centered - so someone who appreciates wood will enjoy nature's finest. Then Scott completes this special keepsake item through meaningful design and the art of marrying the various wood types.  He completes this process with a special step by step finishing procedure.

5. Within Scott's mind, the finished item must show nature's best - the best in color through enhancing the wood's vibrant hue, tone and shade. The best in nature's grain pattern through the ability to see nature's design, pattern and uniqueness. . Finally to produce the "Wow" factor within nature's best by using the best of polishes, waxes and the finest of sandpaper and steel wool - coupled with hours of elbow grease. Stains never enters Scott's mind for it detracts from nature's beauty of wood color and nature's design. 

In summary, Scott has the innate insight to see a beautiful designed jewelry keepsake box or item - all within a block of wood whether soft or hard wood.  He visualizes and has that sixth sense to know what would be the most unique gift for one's vanity, night stand or occasional table.  The unique and unusual talent of finding that perfect something for that perfect spot for that special someone all starts with Scott's keen sense and understanding of his art and craftsmanship.

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