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A Family Bible Chest for the Ages.. (Sizing options)

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Scott understands that family Bibles come in many sizes and can be filled with many generational papers and keepsakes that need to be placed within this Bible Chest! Once, you have ordered our beautiful Bible chest - please, allow for the extra depth, width and length for these valuable remembrances and testimonials from generations - past!

What a gift for the Blessed holder and caretaker of your historic family's Bible.

20210206_132950 (2).jpg
Place your family's surname within this very special and unique cross or if your family has a special cross or Christian symbol which you would rather place on the outer lid - Haley will be happy to design and send a schematic for your approval before placement upon your Bible Chest.

A Gift that will be passed from generation to generation - your family Bible kept in a proper place - Your Family's Bible chest.  Scott (our master craftsman and Haley Meadows our artisan) have outdone themselves with this  absolutely striking, breathtaking and eye-catching heirloom quality Family Bible Chest.. With Scott's wood craftmanship and Haley's artistic designing capabilities - your imagination is yours when designing your Family's personal Bible Chest. The pictured design - in Douglas Fir (chest) and the artistic inscribed cross - can be designed in the way your family would wish your family heirloom to be place within - to keep your most prized possession - your Family Generational Bible - in a very special place - your inscribed bible chest for the ages forthcoming!!  All we need from your Family Bible would be the three dimensions - length, width and depth.. If you wish to have your family surname and/or a special family Bible verse inscribed within the inner lid or face of our Bible chest - this can and will be done!  If you should wish a different wood (Tennessee Cedar, Western Cedar, Poplar, Pecan or any other wood) we also can custom make this special chest with or without inscription(s).  Feel free to inquire through our question and answer portal..  The pictured Bible is not included only our stunning Bible Chest.

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Legacy (shown) Length:
x Width:      x Depth:                  $89.00 with free shipping*
Sweeping (not shown) all sizes larger then the Legacy
   $99.00 with free shipping*  *Pricing includes all engraving
both face and inner lid.
20210206_145357 (2).jpg

Our master craftsman - Scott - and our artistic designer - Haley - will bring out the best in your family's

generational heritage when you send them the symbolic essence and importance of your family's heritage through a verse, image, crest or the placement of your family surname within the face and/or inter lid of your gorgeous Bible Chest! This treasure and unique family keepsake chest will be the beginning of and will mark the family's historical history from generation to generation and beyond.  Your family will always treasure the legacy of your generous family contribution to future generations!  This chest will be a legacy your family will always treasure..   


Note: Our Bible chest inner lid would be the perfect place to engrave that very special Bible verse which has lasted throughout your family's generational past!

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